Food Management awards Hampshire Dining Commons with Best Concept Awards

August 7, 2014

UMass Amherst Hampshire dining  hall,  Bergmeyer arch.

Hampshire Dining Commons, a $15.5 million renovation project by Bergmeyer, recently received just one of a handful awards from Food Management and their award program, the 2014 Best Concepts Awards. Food Management showcases creative projects in onsite dining, bringing much-deserved attention to innovative foodservice outside of commercial restaurants. From the Food Management publication: “Following on the heels of the renovation Berkshire Dining Commons, which won a Best Concept Award in 2007, Hampshire Dining Commons is another jewel in the crown for campus dining at UMass. The $15.5 million renovation of the 46,000-sf.ft., 1960s vintage space produced not only a treat for the eye and senses but one that accords with campus goals on sustainability with a dozen station concepts that emphasize serving minimally processed foods and more plant-based items at peak season, less red meat, more sustainable seafood and healthier oils, fats and beverages, including no soda.” See more in the August 2014 addition of  Food Management.