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Michael R. Davis, FAIA, LEED AP, Principal
Vice President
Mike is committed to sustainable design and housing affordability. He is an effective advocate for public policy and a staunch defender of the quality of the public realm. In addition to his many public and professional involvements, Mike serves as the President of the Boston Society of Architects. Mike is also the firm’s most senior practitioner in multi-family housing design. Experienced in adaptive reuse and new construction, Mike has been principal-in-charge of some of our most significant housing, mixed use, and commercial building projects. With an imaginative view of a project’s potential and a firm understanding of the many variables involved in community building, Mike provides our clients with clear vision and valuable insight.

At home in Roslindale, his cherished Boston neighborhood, Mike is ebullient about the city. He sees Boston as an increasingly diverse and multicultural world-class center for the rapidly-expanding 21st century “creative economy”. He also swears by the T and commuter rail, neglecting his deteriorating Saab but for ski season. Still capable with a sketchbook, tracing paper and magic markers, he has also earned Jedi knight status with social media and Tweets and blogs more often than he probably should.
Mike holds a BS in Architecture from Penn State and a Master of Architecture from Yale University.

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Anthony J. DiFeo, Jr., LEED AP BD+C, Associate

Behind his affable manner and engaging smile, TJ DiFeo is as an architectural project manager with a mission. A trusted leader of project teams in many Bergmeyer specialties, TJ tolerates no compromise in the quest to turn excellent design thinking into soundly constructed reality. With an extraordinary range of project types on his resume, TJ is as fluent with structure, enclosure, and building engineering systems as he is with design excellence. TJ understands the many risks and variables inherent in contemporary design and construction, and our clients appreciate his diligence, his responsiveness, and his unassailable focus on results.

When not protecting design integrity from the forces of compromise, TJ’s pursuits are markedly less intense. His favorite respite is his little urban herb, vegetable, and flower garden. He enjoys reading by the fire, long walks on the beach, spending time with friends and family, and traveling to distant lands. No, really he does.

Born and raised a Philly boy, TJ earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Philadelphia University and began his career in the City of Brotherly Love. He has adjusted to living in Boston despite the lack of real soft pretzels.

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Darryl Filippi, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Darryl leads a Bergmeyer team that serves college and university clients. He is a highly effective and experienced leader of large, multi-disciplinary consultant teams for projects with challenging parameters and complexity. A talented designer and experienced project manager, Darryl balances his love for design with a commitment to practicality and a keen interest in technical soundness. He enthusiastically embraces the challenges of real-world economic realities and welcomes sitting down with a calculator and spread sheet as much as a sketchbook.

GM of Bergmeyer’s softball team and (arguably) the firm’s best golfer, Darryl is a true sportsman.  His very first baseball glove (a Roberto Clemente signature model) still triggers fond memories of sweet-smelling leather being rubbed with “Gloveoleum” in anticipation of jogging onto the ballfield’s finely-graded dirt, bright white chalk and newly cut grass.  A Western Pennsylvania native, Darryl also holds an exalted office in the New England chapter of Steeler Nation that he is not at liberty to discuss.

Darryl is also a “Bearcat”, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati.

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Kenneth J. Hogan, Associate Principal
Information Technology Director
As Information Technology Director, Ken is dedicated to providing Bergmeyer with absolutely the best design, documentation, and communications tools that modern technology can provide. An extraordinarily capable problem-solver with a profound understanding of design excellence and system optimization, Ken never allows hardware or software to overwhelm our services. He firmly believes that the best technologies are the ones you don’t notice.

With an affably self-deprecating grin, Ken admits to seeing a little too much of himself in the movie “My Cousin Vinnie” having grown up in Lynn, Massachusetts. Ever since graduating from his baby blue tricycle, he has dreamed of owning a mint 1969 Camaro Z28. When not motorized, Ken enjoys the more sedentary and cerebral pleasures of playing Texas Hold ‘Em and collecting Native American arts and crafts.

Ken studied at the Boston Architectural College.

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Matthew Hyatt, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Matt is one of Bergmeyer’s most creative designers.  He directs a number of diverse design teams from research and idea generation through concept development and implementation and has authored some of the firm’s most innovative and memorable work.  An award-winning designer and dynamic collaborator, Matt has a lively imagination and a sophisticated sense of materials and form.  An experienced architect, Matt also understands construction and how ideas are translated in the built environment and encourages the contributions of fabricators and builders as well as clients and stakeholders as critical participants in his widely-inclusive design process.

Despite his fluency with electronic media, Matt’s cassette tape collection remains his prized possession. As evidenced by his library, Matt prefers music that is “produced” rather than simply “played”. From early contemporary electronic music through hip hop, house and techno, Matt moves to manipulated and produced sounds that create unique and unexpected audio (and visual) combinations; not unlike his own design approach. Abandoning the medium in about 1993 in favor of multi-media web-based exploration, his quest for rich and fully integrated artistic expression continues.

Matt earned his Bachelor of Architecture degree at Cornell and his Master of Architecture degree at Harvard.

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Lewis Muhlfelder, Jr., AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Lewis is Bergmeyer’s most senior practitioner in architectural interiors as well as the firm’s Treasurer. He is broadly experienced in all aspects of design and project delivery with particular emphasis on corporate interior architecture and multi-unit implementation of retail prototypes. Lewis has led project teams that produced progressive interior architecture for innovative startup companies in addition to well-established national brands.

Once an English Lit major, Lewis has a love for the literary. An early immersion in Shakespeare and Chaucer left him with a taste for brilliant and witty prose: which he finds in negligible quantities among the “best sellers”.  Preferring the likes of Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, and Tom Robbins, Lewis is also fond of quoting from (although not singing aloud from) classic Bob Dylan songs. Look for literary references in Lewis’ pithy emails.

Lewis earned his BA from Colorado College and his Master of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Joseph P. Nevin, Jr., Senior Principal
Joe is widely recognized as a leader in the field of retail store design. Joe’s comprehensive understanding of brand analysis, identity development, visual merchandising, and store planning has taken Bergmeyer to national prominence and an international marketplace in this field. Joe’s expertise in strategic positioning and the relationship between design excellence and the customer experience has garnered Bergmeyer wide publication and numerous design awards, and secured him frequent speaking roles at design schools and industry conferences. Joe’s professional experience goes well beyond the shopping center. Institutional clients such as museums, aquariums, and universities have sought Bergmeyer’s advice on how their retail presence can enhance their cultural mission.

In his formative years, Joe gave serious consideration to a career in baseball (catcher, bats switch, throws right) but not wishing to become Crash Davis from “Bull Durham”, he wisely sought fame and fortune in design. Moving from Virginia to Boston “because they had a baseball team,” he is now a regular at Fenway Park where his attendance streak at Opening Day games is near record-setting. Joe lives in Melrose where he is an active supporter of the Incarnation Parish and the Melrose public school system. And although he doesn’t play a musical instrument, he will play you a single from his son’s hardcore hip hop band if you give him a chance.  

Joe studied at Northern Virginia Community College and the Boston Architectural Center.

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John A. Piacitelli, AIA, LEED AP, Associate

John Piacitelli has devoted much of his professional career to adapting beautiful old buildings for creative new uses. Inheriting the eye of a fine cabinet-maker from his father, John has a solid sense for how inspired design thinking can transform a space both functionally and aesthetically. A natural problem-solver and a stickler for detail, John is a monster on the construction site where no firestopping flaw escapes his scrutiny, no waterproofing shortcut evades his attention, no finish imperfection goes undetected. A capable teacher when back in the office, John is also happy to share his hard-earned technical knowledge with any of Bergmeyer’s staff at desk-side or around the proverbial water cooler.

A native New Englander born in Arlington and raised in Belmont, Massachusetts, John fondly recalls his years spent in high school woodworking class and metal shop. Combined with an innate love for US history, this probably explains his enduring passion for repurposing historic structures. There is, however, no explanation for the killer pulled-pork recipe that too infrequently graces Bergmeyer’s lunch room.

John has a Bachelor of Architecture and an Associates’ Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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Melissa Salter, Senior Associate
Melissa leads her team in the monitoring and execution of all Bergmeyer financial matters, and believes that her job is to help make our project teams better practitioners. With Melissa’s considerable diligence (and patience!) our design teams gain a better understanding of the financial arenas in which they work and help us protect the business interests of our clients as well as ourselves. Never one to stay within conventional accounting bounds, Melissa extends herself to work with project teams on developing sound project-based financial practices and regularly advises the firm’s Board of Directors on financial direction.

Melissa’s love for running the numbers is eclipsed only by her love for running marathons. But when moving at a somewhat slower pace, Melissa takes in the beauty of the historic Boston neighborhoods in which she has lived for most of her life.  A bit too young to have “experienced” the 1960s personally, Melissa dreams of a Woodstock-esque concert lineup of Jimi, Janice, and Jim. And if asked about the prospects for her beloved Red Sox in an upcoming season, she will likely (and wisely) decline to comment.

Melissa earned her BS at Bentley College.

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William Spaulding, AIA, Associate
Manager of Education and Training

As Bergmeyer’s Manager of Education and Training, Bill Spaulding’s work focuses on how people learn and how we optimally use our 21st-century design tools. Trained and licensed as an architect and an able proponent of systems thinking, Bill powers Bergmeyer’s organizational learning approach and keeps our staff well ahead of their continuing education goals. A natural teacher, Bill is also our most vociferous advocate of the Tao of building information modeling and the Zen of the integrated design processes. Under Bill’s stewardship, Bergmeyer has maintained our market-leading position in the adoption of and proficiency with the industry’s most powerful and versatile digital design technology.

Understanding a little about balance, Bill is certified by the American Association of Snowboard Instructors and trains instructors at Killington. Bill bikes to work nearly every day and endures a most arduous plyometric training regime to maintain his edge. Thanks no doubt to his wife and two beautiful young children, Bill arrives alive every Monday morning with excellent stories.

Bill holds a BArch from Wentworth Institute and also earned a Master of Education from UMass with a focus in Instructional Design.


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Dee Spiro, LEED AP BD+C, Associate
Sustainability Director

Dee Spiro works to integrate sustainable design thinking in everything Bergmeyer does. As Director of Sustainability, she leads our integrated design process so our project teams can effectively improve energy and water efficiency, optimize indoor air quality and resource efficiency, and reduce the environmental impacts of all our work. With a diverse background in urban planning, community development, social work, and media relations, she is adept at building consensus for sustainable design goals among designers, engineers, builders, and – most importantly – our clients’ teams. She is the principal author of our AIA 2030 Commitment Sustainability Action Plan and leads our research to develop practical, market-based sustainable design metrics so Bergmeyer’s clients can make informed and cost-effective decisions.

Joining Bergmeyer by way of the City of Newton and The Green Roundtable, Dee admits her desire to save the world came from watching the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. Another prior career with The Travel Channel allowed her to visit every continent except Antarctica. A generalist at heart, Dee is nevertheless quite comfortable with the focused professionalism and commitment to sustainable performance that she admires – and has helped to build – in Bergmeyer’s practice.

Dee has a Bachelor of Arts from Emory University and Master’s Degrees in Urban Planning and Social Work from the University of Michigan.

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Janet Tatten, Associate
Director of Human Resources and Administration
As Bergmeyer’s Director of Human Resources and Administration, Janet is responsible for the care and feeding of our greatest resource: our people. She’s in charge of alignment: making sure each of our staff members can productively connect their individual career ambitions with our larger corporate mission. Whatever it takes to keep our staff creatively engaged and working at peak efficiency – whether it’s staffing and scheduling, reviewing and updating employee benefits, oversight of letters and agreements, or finding us a better coffee vendor – Janet is on it.  

Not a stranger to our business, either, Janet began her career doing retail store development for a quick-serve multi-unit restaurateur and has managed more than a few major corporate office relocations. She is an avid member of an extended hockey family and once attended three different games in the same day (a record she hopes not to break). She attributes being a coffee junkie and a fan of New England sunrises for helping her survive innumerable 6:00 AM ice times.

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David Tubridy, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
David is focused on creating sustainable, long-term growth and success for our clients and our firm. In addition to being Bergmeyer’s President and CEO, David also serves as principal-in-charge for some of our larger new and renovated building projects. As a “working Principal” Dave’s role allows Bergmeyer to benefit from his years of experience in commercial office building, mixed use development, and college and university work. His vision of how architecture optimally functions in the civic and business worlds gives him a perspective on our design process that our clients find truly valuable.

David’s love for all outdoor activities is balanced by (and often leads to) an intense interest in building things. Not limited to mere house additions and decks, David’s resume includes several re-built boats and playground structures. Although his workshop is in perennial disarray, nothing in need of improvement is beyond this craftsman’s scope. A true builder, his favorite tool is whatever is best for the job at hand. A member of the Marblehead Zoning Board, construction advice for applicants is given generously.  

David holds bachelors and masters degrees from Pratt Institute and the Harvard Graduate School of Design.

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Mare Weiss, IIDA, LEED AP, Senior Associate
Mare is one of Bergmeyer’s most experienced retail designers. With a breadth of knowledge in store planning, operations, fixture design, and merchandising and an ability to affect design concepts that lead to delightfully successful consumer environments, Mare knows this market inside and out. Prototypes and implementation, soft goods and hard goods, big box, boutiques, and showrooms are all part of her métier. A skilled team leader as well as collaborator, Mare can describe the evolution of sophisticated design concepts in a way that builds consensus and understanding.

Adventurous to her core, Mare relishes a challenge. In order to better understand her clients, she has learned to fly fish and surf, traveled to exotic locations around the world, and once woke up at 0600 hours at a Marine Corps base in Quantico for morning exercise drills - only observing but wishing she could join in. Mare is as at-home on the sheer face of an ice cliff as she is in the canyons of Manhattan, having developed a love for turn-of-the-Century architectural landmark buildings like the Dakota and the Ansonia while living and studying in the city.

Mare has a BA in Interior Design from Pratt Institute.

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Rachel J. Zsembery, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Principal
Rachel leads a design team that develops and implements retail prototypes. Rachel’s clients are well served by her thorough understanding of their corporate vision and business objectives backed by a commitment to effectively manage the development of their retail real estate portfolios. Rachel is working at the forefront of ‘greening’ commercial buildings and interior architecture and has overseen Bergmeyer's most sustainable retail projects. She is also part of a Bergmeyer team leading the advanced use of Building Information Modeling to more fully employ the features of this highly data-rich medium in our design, documentation, and management processes.

Although a trained classical violist, Rachel’s prized possession is a tennis racket given to her as a child which – still in active use – is now older than many Bergmeyer staffers. When not immersed in her practice, Rachel escapes to the mountains where she enjoys hiking and backpacking at a rather brisk pace, often accompanied by her golden retriever. She also finds the beauty of her walkable Cambridge neighborhood to be a perfectly wonderful setting for active recreation.

Rachel received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

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