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Adi Mueller
Interior Designer

Adi Mueller
  • Endicott College

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by a lot of things. Mostly just seeing people be kind to one another and supporting each other. I’m inspired by passion and drive (my own and others) and how people can come together to create/do something that positively impacts a greater community.

Have you ever gotten lost on purpose?

When I studied abroad, when I traveled to other cities, I would just take a map with all of the things I wanted to see highlighted and start walking. I got lost A LOT but found I learned my way around the city much faster from my mistakes. Also discovered some of my favorite gelaterias and coffee shops that way!

What valuable lesson did you learn from your parents?

To follow my heart no matter what

What would cause you to leave the country?

It’s pretty hard not to with the way things are going at the moment!

What’s the most important part of your morning routine?

Putting on music to get me out of bed. For the last year or so I’ve listened to the Lumineers almost every morning. It’s just the perfect combo of upbeat and mellow for the morning.

What’s inside your favorite cocktail?

Black tea infused vodka, egg whites, lavender simple syrup, and a squeeze of lemon

What was your first job?

I worked at a consignment clothing company. The best part was we got first pick at all the great clothes.