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Amanda Nicoletti
Interior Designer

Amanda Nicoletti
  • The Ohio State University
  • International Interior Design Association
  • Alpha Chi Omega

What’s the most important part of your morning routine?

Coffee first, gym second. I’m always up about an hour before I need to actually be up for the sole purpose of sitting and doing nothing with coffee. It’s the only way I start my day… yes, even on the weekends.

What do you listen to when you’re in the zone?

If I’m really in the zone to focus I love instrumental music, it was all I listened to while studying for my NCIDQ. Something about it calms me down and refocuses me on what’s in front of me.

What’s your spirit animal?

A lion – I even have the hair to match!

What are you reading?

Currently, Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I love getting an inside peak at how strong leaders (especially women) come into their roles.

What’s inside your favorite cocktail?

Favorite cocktail is a White Russian but I only ever have them at Christmas with my dad.

Kanye or Jay-Z?

I’m a shameless Kanye fan – I can rap almost every song he has.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Uprooting my entire life in Columbus, OH to move to the city of Boston. All I knew was that I loved it here and my gut was telling me I belonged here. I’ve figured out so much through trial and error but I’ve come out stronger for it every time.