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Hannah Friskey
Associate, Senior Designer, Design Practice Leader

Hannah Friskey
  • Pratt Institute
  • AIGA, the professional association for design

What motivated you to become a designer (or current role?)?

My career started by collecting knowledge in a variety of design fields ranging from illustration to fashion to textiles to graphic design to web design to food. As an innately creative person, I couldn’t get enough – the more areas I could dive into, the better. All of these parts and pieces have added up to a strong understanding of how many areas of a business can actually be touched by your brand. I love that through branding and storytelling I get to be a part of something that lives outside of a specific box.

When you are retired and look back on your life, what is the biggest accomplishment you hope to achieve?

I want to know I was a strong role model for my daughter. I look forward to her being free to explore her passions the same way I was encouraged to growing up. And, I want to say I made enough time in my busy work schedule to relax, enjoy a proper vacation every now and then, and be grateful that I got to spend so many years making things beautiful.

What does successful workplace culture mean to you?

One that whole-heartedly embraces ideas no matter your background or specific area of expertise and is respectful of different points of view. The best part about being a designer is that your mind can be used in so many ways.

If you had to pick one word that best represents Bergmeyer's culture, what would it be, and why?


What would you be doing if you were not working in this industry?

I would want to build furniture. Sure, there’s definitely design mixed into this answer but, working with my hands and away from a screen would be the dream.

What's your favorite season?

The in-betweens and nothing too extreme – which in Boston is rare. That feeling of winter finally turning over to spring and starting to get warm, and summer turning into fall are just the best.

What valuable lesson did you learn from your parents?

Never deny a positive impulse.

Where do you feel most at home?

Anywhere on the water.

When was your best day ever?

My wedding day. I’ve never felt happier, more relaxed, more excited, and was completely overwhelmed with all the love. But I’m writing this days before I am having my first child so something tells me that might top it.

Dogs or cats?

Dogs. French Bulldogs in particular. No offense cats, they’re just not my thing.