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Jennifer Robinson
Architectural Designer

Jennifer Robinson
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology
  • Illinois Institute of Technology

What was your best Halloween costume?

It’s a tossup. When I was in elementary school I had THE best costumes. One year I was an Oreo –detailed and hand made to look exactly like an Oreo, tiny triangles, ridges on the sides, everything. And another year I was paper candy – you know the kind with the pink, yellow, and blue dots? I’m pretty sure I won best costume and if I didn’t I really should have.

If you were to get a new degree or certification, what would it be?

I’d go to medical school and become a surgeon.

How do you take your coffee?

By the hand(le)... just kidding. I actually don’t drink coffee. Occasionally I’ll have tea but I try and avoid caffeine; unless it’s in a mixed drink and that’s a different story.

What is your favorite productivity tool?

I think sitting for 8 hours a day is nearly impossible, and being productive all day every day is unattainable. Instead, I break up the day into smaller increments, and put time “limits” on whatever it is I am trying to accomplish. This lets me stay focused on a particular goal, and not feel like I need to have everything designed and solved all at once. I am also into the Eisenhower Matrix using “Important and Un-Important and Urgent and Not Urgent” quadrants to either do, plan, delegate or eliminate. The combination helps keep my inbox empty and my mind from exploding.

What is a work-related book you'd recommend?

Life: A User’s Manual by Georges Perec. It may not seem work-related at first glance but I used it for my thesis and it made a profound effect on my design process. The fictitious neighborhood is void of facades, requiring excruciating detail into the lives of the blocks inhabitants. The descriptions focus on the everyday experiences and movements of the individuals and demonstrates the power and importance of design and architecture in everyday life.

What valuable lesson did you learn from your parents?

You can do anything if you’re determined enough, and although rules are important, the world will not end if you have to make adjustments along the way.

Dogs or cats?

Cats. All the way.