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Pat Carroll
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What is your most unshakablevice?


If you were to get a new degreeor certification, what would it be?

Culinary school – pastry chef (see mostunshakable vice)

Dogs or cats?

Dogs!! GoldenRetrievers!

What’s your beverage ofchoice?

Depends on the place and mood. It could be a Guinness, a Cosmo, wine or Champagne. Or Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate with a dollopof Fluff (see unshakable vice).

Where do you go for a weekendgetaway?

Houghs Neck — my deck

What three songs describe your life’s journey?

Born to Run (Springsteen), Fire & Rain (James Taylor), Stronger (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – Kelly Clarkson)

Whenwas your best day ever?

One of my best memories is Labor Day Weekend, 2012. My sister Susan and I were at the Guinness Storehouse inDublin enjoying my first ever Guinness while we were looking downover the city on a perfect late Summer day. We made our way down to thestreet and walked across much of Dublin to watch Notre Dame football beat Navy. (Go Irish!!)