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Stephanie Lowe
Interior Designer

Stephanie Lowe
  • Endicott College
  • CoreNet Global New England

What’s the most important part of your evening routine?

Always making a home cooked meal and never skimping out on the good stuff

What advice would you give to your twenty-year-old self?

Take the job that makes you want to go to work every day!

What are your top three travel destinations?

Italy, Paris, Ireland

Beer or wine?

Wine, and it has to be red!

Who inspires you?

My parents inspire me on a daily basis to be the best version of myself and to enjoy life as much as possible.

What is the first site or app you visit every morning?

Bank of America, to check my accounts!

Where do you go for a weekend getaway?

I like to go back to my parents’ house in West Hartford, CT. It’s always a relaxing, fun weekend back home!