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Wellness in Living Communities

Wellness in Living Communities

Wellness has always been an interest for Bergmeyer, both as a firm internally and in the work we do for our clients. Our projects with a national multi-unit residential developer has broadened our idea of wellness in living communities and understanding what people want to experience where they live. So what does a wellness community look like and what does it offer?
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“Me Places” in Retail: The Fitting Rooms

Me Places” in Retail: The Fitting Rooms 

With many brick and mortar stores fighting an uphill battle against online shopping, retailers are trying new tactics to bring in shoppers. But what truly makes people want to spend time in a store? People like to feel special. They like to have choices. People like me spaces.”
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The Trend of Moving into the City’s Existing Buildings

The Trend of Moving into the City’s Existing Buildings

Much has been said about the relocation of companies to urban areas from the suburbs. This isn’t a new phenomenon, though, with GE moving into 388,700 square feet, Reebok into 220,000 square feet and tech companies taking 1.8 million square feet in Boston, news of major companies moving into urban areas continues to dominate the headlines.
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Faster Food

Faster Food

When McDonald’s BBQ opened 77 years ago, it was among hundreds of other drive-in (and later drive-thru) restaurants throughout the US that later became the iconic eating style during the time of an American socio-technology revolution: the automobile. The influx of driving in mid-20th century America revolutionized and shaped the way Americans ate meals. There have been exponential amounts of improvements to technology since the quick service restaurant (QSR) trend began three-fourths of a century ago. But within that time there has been little to zero aesthetic improvements as great as sit-in restaurants to drive-in.
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Offline goes online, online goes offline, and sometimes, offline just goes away

Offline goes online, online goes offline, and sometimes, offline just goes away

In the past decade, shopping behavior has changed significantly, with more and more people choosing to shop online for goods and apparel. While online retailers have typically remained online, many see the potential for expansion through brick-and-mortar retail. The past two years have seen an unprecedented convergence of online retailers moving offline – seeking an omnichannel presence and getting closer to where their consumers are. The trend goes the other way as well. Traditional retailers are feeling the strain of increasing online sales and are pressured into finding solutions that fit the needs of the consumer that’s shopping online. Retailers are making moves to position themselves on both sides of the coin.
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