Bergmeyer is excited to announce the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) has designated our firm as a LEED® Proven Provider™ in the Interior Design and Construction (ID+C) rating system family. The designation was developed to streamline the LEED project review process for experienced organizations that demonstrate consistent excellence in administering LEED projects. Bergmeyer is one of only 15 organizations to receive this designation in ID+C.

Bergmeyer’s first LEED project was certified in October of 2008, and within less than 8 years, we have established a diverse portfolio of LEED projects in a variety of market sectors. Our LEED projects range from multi-family housing to retail, academic, workplace and hospitality. Four of Bergmeyer’s LEED Certified projects have achieved Platinum-level certification, with 27 projects achieving LEED Gold and 14 achieving LEED Silver.

Bergmeyer is proud of our work, we’re delighted to have clients who embrace and value sustainability as much as we do. Sustainable design in one of Bergmeyer’s core values, and our commitment is most successful when our clients share in our same enthusiasm. We sincerely thank them for helping us reach this significant achievement.

About LEED® Proven Provider™

LEED® Proven Provider™ is designed to encourage and reward high-quality LEED project submissions to minimize the need for additional work during the project review process. It represents an opportunity for organizations and LEED reviewers to work together to enhance the LEED certification experience, simultaneously allowing organizations to further invest in quality control and continuous improvement and allowing LEED reviewers more opportunities for direct engagement with and support for project teams. Organizations that demonstrate and maintain high-quality project submissions through LEED® Proven Provider™ receive significant benefits, such as greater access to a LEED reviewer and recognition from USGBC for their sustained track record of high-quality project submissions.

About Bergmeyer

Bergmeyer is a design firm committed to enhancing people’s everyday lives through our specialty in designing user experiences for the places people visit every day. We design experiential environments while achieving successful measurable results for our clients’ business goals. We are invested in our clients’ long-term strategic success and are equally dedicated to creating spaces that respect their context and endure over time. We are committed to helping clients realize their goals through sustainable means with designs that reflect their beliefs, their budgets and their constituents’ expectations.

Published May 26, 2016