The Bergmeyer Spotlight is an online series of interviews featuring Bergmeyer’s professionals. This month’s spotlight is on Anna Butterfield, IIDA.

What led you to study interior design? After college, I was working at a law firm and headed to law school. I was pretty lost about what to do with my life, and “lawyer” just sounded really stable. After doing some pretty boring data entry for months, I made a 360 one day and decided to go to design school instead. I remembered drawing floor plans on graph paper when I was a kid, (for fun!), and it just seemed like a natural choice. Interior design has always appealed to me because of the confluence between creativity and practicality.

What do you love about working at Bergmeyer? The people, of course! It is amazing to me how many people that I count as my greatest friends that I either met at Bergmeyer, or met through someone at Bergmeyer. I’ve almost never had a day here, no matter how bad, where I didn’t laugh at least once – the culture here encourages that.

What is the best piece of advice you were ever given? I wish I had a really good story about this, but I don’t. However, a couple months ago, my friend had a birthday party and asked everyone to bring her a piece of advice. Naturally I Googled “best advice” and this one spoke to me: “It’s never your extravagances you regret, only your economies”. I love any quote that makes it okay to have another glass of wine.

What is the most unusual food you have ever eaten? When we were in Turkey this past spring, I goaded my boyfriend to order the lamb brains at an awesome meze restaurant. They weren’t really prepared in any special way – just that whole little brain on a plate. I had a bite. Just one.

Published Aug 19, 2014