Every year, the BSA Membership Committee invites the best of local student work for consideration in the BSA Student Design Showcase, and then celebrates the best of the best at the BSA Space. The jury was impressed with the quality, thoughtfulness, and quantity of the submissions. One of the finalists chosen for the showcase is Bergmeyer’s own, JD Myers, an exceptionally talented designer with a vast skill set.

JD Myers is 28 and grew up in the suburbs of Detroit. He graduated from Miami University in 2008, and started his career in Louisiana before settling in Boston. He recently graduated with a Master of Architecture from Boston Architectural College with a unique thesis project that reinvigorates neglected buildings.

“I want my architecture to make people have a reaction (negative or positive) and to affect how people move through space,” says JD. “I like it to be strange yet familiar. I’m inspired by people ranging from Josef Albers to Amanda Lepore. I love figuring out rules, then breaking them.”

He describes his thesis project as “an exploration of what the possibilities of neglected architecture can become.” He continues, “I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit and have seen beautiful buildings decaying around me for decades. I’ve always wanted to breathe new life into them and restore their vibrancy, but not by restoration, more of a rebirth. The goal was to layer the building in terms of journey, concept and history. It is then up to the user to choose how to much they want to engage with these elements.”

You can see more of JD’s work, along with the other finalists of the BSA Student Design Showcase, on Thursday, December 4 at 7:00 PM at BSA Space. Visit BSA Space to register.

JD Myers featured in BSA Student Design Showcase
Published Dec 03, 2014