Dining at a restaurant is a sensory experience, one which goes far beyond deliciously prepared food. From the restaurant’s overall ambiance to its brand, its design, and its architecture, every detail must be thoughtfully considered to craft a holistic experience that entices diners to return. Each restaurant comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities; each with its own client with a visionary plan for its future. As designers, it is our responsibility to guide the direction of the project in support of the owner’s vision.

For November’s Design Museum Mornings presentation, Bergmeyer’s Jef Leon will draw upon his background as a seasoned restaurant designer, architect, and branding strategist. He has worked with restaurateurs, retailers, and hoteliers – from entrepreneurs to conglomerates – to create successful restaurant environments and prototypes locally and internationally.

Join Design Museum Boston on the morning of November 13th on the 17th floor of CIC Boston for complimentary breakfast, coffee, juices by Purity Organic, and early morning design inspiration! Doors open at 8:30, presentation begins at 9:00 am.

To register and see more details, visit Design Museum Boston, and don’t forget to check out Design Museum Boston’s exhibition Design for Dining, running only through November 11. See Bergmeyer’s installation at Legal Crossing as well as six other designer/restaurant partnerships in the Downtown Crossing neighborhood.

Published Oct 21, 2015