Have you ever wondered what goes into the design of a dining experience? Design heightens every aspect of dining, from culinary artistry to menu layout, to the spatial temperament – design is apparent throughout. Design Museum Boston, the “nomadic” design museum of the city, has curated seven pairs of design firms and restaurants in Boston’s Downtown Crossing neighborhood. Design Museum Boston announced, “These curated teams will collaborate to design unique table vignettes in each restaurant; highlighting the power of design within one of today’s highest grossing industries.” Bergmeyer is thrilled to be partnering with Legal Seafood’s Legal Crossing (LX) to create a unique dining experience that will capture a sensual sophistication reflecting the local cultural undertones. The exhibit launches on June 11 at all downtown locations. To reserve your spot and have a new kind of dining experience at LX, call 617-692-8888.

As we began our preliminary design, we looked to the original concept of LX, which took its inspiration from the colorful past of the Downtown Crossing neighborhood, particularly that of Chinatown and the Combat Zone. The craft cocktails reference the former adult entertainment district while exotic ingredients fill the Asian-inspired menu. Our concept is based similarly on these two distinctive neighborhoods’ characteristics – sensual, provocative, voyeuristic, and tactile – creating an atmosphere that heightens all five senses for an incredibly unique dining experience. Early conversations with the LX team, including the Culinary Director and restaurant chefs, inspired the team to craft a menu, with a prix fixe selection of items offered exclusively for the designed table vignette and delivered in traditional Chinese sentiment.

We’re working with several industry partners to make this installation happen: mosaic tiles from Artaic, banquettes built by New England Seating, table set from TriMark United East, suspended installation from KMDI, and textiles from Edelmen Leather and Maharam, will all help contribute to the atmosphere of the new dining experience.

Moving forward, our design team will continue to refine these conceptual ideas, and the environmental experience, defining an intimate space within LX that speaks to the provocative influence of the neighborhoods’ past. Follow the hashtag #DMBDining on Twitter as we share updates on the project.

This story was picked up by Boston Eater. Read more about the announcement from Design Museum Boston.

Published Mar 20, 2015