Started in 2012, TEDxBeaconStreet is one of the most innovative TEDx events in the world. The annual event, taking place on November 15 and 16 at the Lincoln School in Brookline, will include TEDxYouth@BeaconStreet program with the theme “Worlds Imagined” and a block dedicated to Google’s Solve for X Moonshot Ideas and panel discussions. As we’ve done for the past couple years, Bergmeyer set the stage with recycled materials for this unique 2-day community event, featuring thought leaders from all walks of life, captivating Adventures, and a diverse multi-generational audience.

Widely recognized in the TED and TEDx community for their unique vision, multi-generational emphasis, diverse and open audience, Ideas in Action theme, and Adventures throughout the year, it is their aspiration to be a Laboratory / Test Kitchen bringing innovation to the TED world. They value their audience and community as much as they value their speakers, creating a powerful community dedicated to lifelong learning and taking ideas into action.

Speakers include experts on topics like how cells cope with stress, anesthesia, diversity, film, Russian organized crime, drones, obesity, synthetic neurobiology, Bitcoin, the sharing economy, and nanotechnology. Read more about the event and learn about all the speakers this year at TEDxBeaconStreet.

Also check out a time lapse video of last year’s stage, made from 10,000 recycled aluminum cans on YouTube.

Published Nov 14, 2014