“Me Places” in Retail: The Fitting Rooms

Me Places” in Retail: The Fitting Rooms 

With many brick and mortar stores fighting an uphill battle against online shopping, retailers are trying new tactics to bring in shoppers. But what truly makes people want to spend time in a store? People like to feel special. They like to have choices. People like me spaces.”
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Bergmeyer Spotlight: Catherine Keywan

Bergmeyer Spotlight: Catherine Keywan

Bergmeyer Spotlight is an online series of informal interviews with members of the Bergmeyer team. We invite you to meet interior designer Catherine Keywan! Catherine has been at the firm for two years, and currently serves as the Secretary for the Retail Design Institute’s New England Chapter. Here is what she had to say during her Spotlight interview.
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Now Trending: Retail-Branded Hotels

Now Trending: Retail-Branded Hotels

As retail evolves, retailers are discovering new ways to expand their brand’s outreach and loyalty. The newest trend in customer service features concierge and room service. Since customers trust a brand by their value and lifestyle, retailers are extending that trust by creating large scale hospitality programs and boutique hotel experiences to promote their lifestyle.
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Retail Design Trends: Bergmeyer in New York City with the Retail Design Collective!

Retail Design Trends: Bergmeyer in New York City with the Retail Design Collective!

This past December, a group of our designers attended the 2015 Retail Design Collective to check out the new must-see” retail shops and design trends. From impressive new flagships, to intimately hip boutiques, we spent the day exploring a breadth of new retail environments around NYC. Along the way, we noticed many retailers competing with the rise of online shopping by transforming their typical brick-and-mortar into experiences intangible on an e‑commerce site. We visited stores that are evolving the typical shopping experience by integrating trends we refer to as concept-to-consumer transparency, multi-functional spaces, and curated consumption. These new strategies are successfully generating brand awareness and in-store excitement by creating unique lifestyle experiences within retail environments.
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