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The Lumen Optical brand launched with the simple promise of creating a cohesive experience between the eye clinic and style-minded retail, a balance that has proven surprisingly elusive in the marketplace.

The experience of shopping for new eyewear is often fraught with confusion, frustration, and an overwhelming sea of sameness. By elevating the role of the on-site eye doctor and pairing these medical professionals with expert stylists, Lumen Optical sought to ensure the needs of guests were personally attended to throughout the exam, style exploration, and purchase process and that this commitment to personal service was communicated in the design of their built environment.

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Bergmeyer worked together with Lumen Optical in an immersive retail strategy process; exploring opportunities to bring the best practices in customer service from the hospitality industry into a cohesive clinical and retail setting. The focus on achieving a balance in these areas is expressed in the interplay of the hard and soft surfaces all imbued with an overall tonal warmth which envelops the customer. 

Straddling the line between the expression of style and science, Bergmeyer’s design of Lumen Optical’s brand prototype store takes inspiration from an artist’s loft, creating a space that encourages style exploration and confident selections in a bold, charismatic environment. The high-service environment allows for a customer to enjoy the process either as a solo browser, or as an assisted social experience, by pulling a barstool up to the Style Bar where they can receive guidance from their stylist and socialize with other customers at the bar. 

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The assortment of frames is displayed in a thoughtfully organized system showcasing the abundant, but not overwhelming, selection organized by style, rather than by a traditional assortment by brand. State of the art technology is integrated into the exam rooms, which are not hidden in the back of house, but rather designed as an integral part of the customer journey and celebrated as part of the customer experience. 

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The design of the space straddles the line between art and science as the environment seamlessly blends clinical and style-driven retail experiences. In this thoughtful and welcoming environment, Lumen Optical delivers on their brand promise of creating illuminating looks people love, paired with experiences they are excited to share.