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The most important moment in a job hunt is the interview. Nail the interview and you’re hired. Boston’s Professional Staffing Group – committed to finding, grooming, and placing top-notch candidates in highly desirable positions – knew that job interviews often happen in high-visibility, pressure-packed, fishbowl-like settings.

This understanding shaped Bergmeyer’s design thinking for PSG’s corporate headquarters in Boston’s Financial District. The hub of PSG’s program is their testing and interviewing area. Because of its public prominence and street-level visibility, PSG chose an irregularly-shaped, 1,400-sf ground floor space to contain these critically important functions.

Professional Staffing Group
Professional Staffing Group
Professional Staffing Group
Professional Staffing Group

Candidates for testing and placement interviews enter PSG’s space through a carefully sequenced reception and waiting area. They are then escorted around the edge of a glass-enclosed ellipse into a beehive of cellular interview rooms. The irregular polygonal shape of the rooms is echoed by the geometric patterning on what few opaque walls exist. The testing room’s bright colors and floor-to-ceiling operable glass walls are softened somewhat by the presence of white clouds at exactly seated eye level and masking white noise. This bright, dynamic space puts job-seekers on display in a highly branded retail-like environment. It tests the candidates’ poise while simultaneously putting PSG’s trademark claim in full view of downtown Boston’s business community.

Professional Staffing Group
Professional Staffing Group

Besides the ground floor interview area, much of PSG’s offices are on the third floor, with flexible work stations and conference rooms for the large staffing team that screens candidates and matches them with potential employers.

The Details

  • Collaborators
    • Boston Light Source
    • Shawmut Design and Construction
  • Photographers
    • Richard Mandelkorn Photography

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