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What’s shakin’? A new headquarters, test kitchen, and event space for one of the U.S.’s hottest fast-casual restaurants, that’s what! Shake Shack and Bergmeyer, a partnership that has served up over a dozen restaurants (and counting), have joined forces again to create a new corporate headquarters, test kitchen and event space in Shake Shack’s NYC home base.

Shake Shack has been shakin’” up the burger scene since their 2004 NYC debut. With humble beginnings as an unassuming hot dog cart wheeled around Madison Square Garden, restauranteur Danny Meyer has since catapulted this roadside” burger joint into the global arena, winning over the masses with its tasty menu and conscientious culture. To date, Shake Shack and Bergmeyer have teamed up to open over a dozen restaurant locations around the U.S. A company that prides itself on sustaining strong relationships as part of its business model, Shake Shack asked us to execute the interior fit-out of their new corporate headquarters in NYC. The 20,000 sf space includes private offices, open work areas, conference and meeting rooms, a library, a mother’s room, a kitchen and common area, and — cue tummy rumble — a new test kitchen and event space. The employee common space (a.k.a. The Park”), is complete with interior landscaping; ideal for relaxing, impromptu meetings, and all-office events. 

Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters
Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters

As project architect, we translated the vision the Shake Shack team had for their innovative headquarters, and provided guidance and insight throughout the execution of the project. A fresh and contemporary new workspace, Shake Shack’s corporate headquarters serves up the same high-quality experience for its employees as it does for its restaurant guests. The new HQ features many of the raw, modernist, elements of their restaurant locations; industrial concrete floors and exposed brick and concrete walls give it a true roadside” feel while allowing the space to retain much of the building’s original 1920’s industrial feel.

Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters
Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters
Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters

Courtesy of Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

From the start, Shake Shack knew they wanted their central office to be within close proximity to their test kitchen. An adjacent location would allow for easily sharing ideas between the business and culinary sides of Shake Shack’s teams. The test kitchen was designed to support the exchange of knowledge and experiences alongside a special event space. Shake Shack’s new location also met their aspirations of positively impacting the neighborhood by bringing in more business. Choosing a renovated historic building for their new headquarters supported Shake Shack’s sustainability values, recycling the aesthetic of the existing neighborhood while adding their own vibrant mark. Throughout, our team offered continual guidance, helping set realistic expectations for the project while maintaining an open dialogue to ensure the project stayed on schedule and on budget.

Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters
Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters

Combining scrumptious food, a ton of fun, and a gorgeous workspace, Shake Shack’s headquarters exemplifies all of what makes their locations attract thousands of customers each and every day.

Shake Shack Corporate Headquarters

The Details

  • Collaborators
    • Henderson Engineers, Inc.
    • Michael Hsu Office of Architecture
    • Uhuru Design
    • cm&b
  • Photographers
    • Richard Cadan Photography
    • Chase Daniel Photography

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