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Traveling with babies is easy… said no one ever! And while UPPAbaby cannot prevent childhood meltdowns, they can provide safe and comfortable products for babies that are also convenient and stylish for parents.

The innovative company, with a mission to make high-quality baby products that fit the needs of parents, was in need of a new headquarters. UPPAbaby asked our team to design a home to support the rapidly growing manufacturer’s diverse workplace requirements, while creating a desirable environment for their employees and visitors alike. With a goal of encapsulating UPPAbaby’s culture of community and well-being, we had to consider how we could accommodate the various needs of the company while designing a space that could adapt to its ongoing expansion.

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Research and development space, where the team designs, prototypes, and tests all their products

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To accomplish these goals, we worked closely with the client throughout each step of the project to ensure that we met their needs for the space and its multiple elements. Our design approach began with an exploration of UPPAbaby’s brand and culture. Their logo – arranged as four petals with a node in the middle – provided inspiration for the design, evoking the idea of work and “flex” areas connected to a central hub. Our typically collaborative approach to all projects played an even stronger part in this process as we held regular focus group presentations to UPPAbaby employees. The feedback we received from the employees was incorporated into our design development. The client appreciated our attentive approach and connection to their brand, and its influence over our work.

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The community kitchen where employees share meals together

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UPPAbaby’s workplace supports their research and development team, customer service call center, marketing group, corporate offices, and other mission critical functions.  Each function lives within a “neighborhood” designed for interaction and social gathering in their new home. It was also important to the client to create a workplace with exciting amenities and spaces that would attract and retain talent in its suburban location. With that objective in mind, the building features a gym, yoga room, and professional kitchen. On a daily basis, an onsite nutritionist crafts meals for employees, in addition to meals they can bring home in the evening for easy family dinners. Areas for employee collaboration and engagement are integrated throughout; such as an elaborate coloring mural in the dining area for everyone to contribute to and make their mark, and an outdoor seating space designed for working or hanging out with coworkers, complete with overhead shading sails and lush greenery.

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The colorful and contemporary design of the 46,000 sf built-to-suit workplace embodies UPPAbaby’s fun and creative nature, complementing their mission of making the smartest strollers, car seats, and juvenile gear available. The interior aesthetic is fun and eclectic, with exposed concrete floors, colorful walls and carpeting, uniquely themed meeting rooms, and accents of reclaimed lumber from a local shipyard. On the exterior, a highly transparent modern façade is framed in insulated metal panels, creating an energy-efficient and sophisticated presence for the headquarters in Rockland.

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UPPAbaby’s new home is a dynamic and creative workplace, designed with both the happiness of the client and employee in mind. Here’s looking at you, kid!