Our approach to design is empowering and ego-free, forming proactive partnerships with our clients and project teams to create a shared sense of ownership throughout the entire creative process. We design for our clients’ clients, the people whose lives and experiences are enhanced by our work.

Our architectural approach is driven by a desire to support and enhance a user’s experience and activities. We design by responding to context, not just the physical environment of the project but the forces around the project, which starts with understanding our client’s needs and goals. The project’s process, from collaborative meetings with clients and consultants, to evaluation of scheduling and budget, informs the architectural design and results in real built work that achieves the appropriate balance between functionality and beauty. Our design methodology goes beyond form-making into a realm that creates emotional connections, inspires activity, and creates a sense of place.

In our branding approach, methodical research of an organization’s values, culture, and aspirations form the basis to create a brand with unique qualities. The goals of our branding efforts often include creating competitive market differentiation through the creation of unique and distinctive identities and the formation of strong emotional connections with a target audience. We create suites of ownable brand assets, standards, and positioning strategies that effectively combine to bring a brand to life.

Creativity and brand building expertise translate seamlessly into event creation -Every event is an extension of a brand, creating a memorable experience to align with a specific campaign, marketing objective, or milestone. In our role as an event designer, we align the strategic goals of the event with the aesthetics, program, and each of the guest touchpoints. We bring together the resources that you will need to execute on your vision and partner with industry experts in execution and event planning.

We translate brand values into communications and spatial experiences. From brand communications to environmental graphic design, our graphic design approach is rooted in context and married with our complimentary design services from concept through final execution in a cohesive package with collateral that can guide and delight users. This takes shape in many forms, including logo and packaging, uniforms, building interiors, and wayfinding.

Bergmeyer is well known for our extensive expertise in the design of interior environments. Effective interior design has the enormous potential to positively affect people in every type of space they inhabit, improving their productivity and impacting business performance. We see interior design as an extension of an organization’s brand identity and an opportunity to elevate the user experience. Interior spaces are physical and experiential embodiments of the organization’s values, beliefs, and qualities. Each brand we work with is unique, and each design we embark on is distinctive.

Placemaking is about identifying aspects of a community that makes it unique and then creating spaces that leverage these unique characteristics to enliven and enhance the public experience. Placemaking engages all stakeholder groups – building owners and tenants, residents, workers, and visitors, as well as pubic agencies – in the creative process. Bergmeyer’s senior staff have provided design assistance to cities and town across the US and internationally to help them envision sustainable growth. Our placemaking clients have included commercial building owners, business communities, college and university campuses, and municipal governments.

Many of our Clients who oversee large programs require coordination of multiple concurrent schedule driven efforts. In managing programs, we bring together our multi-disciplinary expertise to provide the technical and administrative oversight that allows our clients to meet their business objectives. We aim to understand their position in the market, advocate on their behalf in alignment with their business goals for the future, and effectively collaborate with our clients’ business partners.

We research a client’s competitors in their industry, understand their position in the market, and uncover their business goals for the future. In order to design effective solutions, we must first understand an organization’s true intentions and vision. Preliminary research, auditing, analysis, and development are critical first steps in defining the basis of any project.

Bergmeyer’s holistic view of design means we take a different approach to our sustainability consulting services. We literally think outside the box of a client’s physical space and work with them to connect their organization’s internal sustainability mission to their own clients through a comprehensive, customized program. Our expertise in areas such as energy efficiency, optimizing the relationship between the built environment and occupant health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and water conservation provides our clients with a wide range of available strategies. And if pursuing a green building certification is the goal, we can help with that too.

Bergmeyer believes that visual merchandising impacts every aspect of a customer experience. It connects a store’s layout and the planning of its customer flow to the product itself, creating a cohesively branded environment. Incorporating all of the senses, visual merchandising brings a brand’s story to life, driving sales and customer engagement.