Bergmeyer Announces 2021 Leadership and Practice Promotions

What sets Bergmeyer apart is the creative synergy of our team.
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With a shared sense of purpose and a culture that values diversity, openness, and knowledge-sharing, Bergmeyer announced a new strategic direction in 2020. We continue to expand our integrated suite of services in 2021 to address our growing client base's needs. But what truly sets Bergmeyer apart is the creative synergy of our team.

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At the leadership level, Bergmeyer welcomed three new team members into its Associate tier. This title is given in recognition of those who demonstrate exemplary leadership within the firm as well as within the design industry and is the first tier of Bergmeyer’s ownership structure. Bergmeyer also promoted one team member to its Senior Associate tier, a level of recognition given to leaders within the firm that establish a shared commitment to the firm’s success by investing time in developing staff, advocating for others, and sharing leadership opportunities.

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Not only is Steph an extremely talented and highly valuable design professional, but she has also become a strong voice on the Board of Directors and a nexus for mentoring and career development at Bergmeyer. A gentle and empathic voice – whether with our internal teams or with clients – Steph has been a force in providing excellent design services as well as guiding the careers of several of her colleagues. We have come to trust her as a designer, advocate, and ambassador for our firm. A tireless worker that always puts Bergmeyer first, Steph also has an extraordinary generosity that has really come into focus through the ups and downs of 2020. Broadly experienced across many markets we service, Steph is currently the creative lead for our largest multi-family housing client. Her creative vision drives Bergmeyer’s continued success and growth in the multi-family market sector.

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The Sam Goodman story includes building very successful long-term relationships with our clients. They – and we – can confidently count on her to deliver on her commitments and use excellent judgment to solve challenges. As Sam nears her 10th year with Bergmeyer this summer, she is unwavering in her commitment to bettering the firm, both in our business and culture. She carries projects and teams on her back, further proving her dedication to sharing knowledge with her colleagues and mentoring junior staff to make sure everyone is successful. What is more, Sam is a founding member of the Revit Support Team and a frequent contributor to our digital tools trainings, becoming a reliable resource to beta-test our newest programs and software – while keeping us optimally productive, and teaching it, too!

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Brian exemplifies the heart and soul of Bergmeyer, infusing the “teamwork makes the dreamwork” approach into all of his project teams and office initiatives. Brian is a key member of our academic team and has worked on projects across all of our markets. Most recently, Brian successfully managed the construction administration for the Boston Dynamics corporate headquarters and research laboratories. As the chair and one of the founding member of Bergmeyer’s Social Responsibility Team and through his involvement in the BSA Foundation, Brian is committed to making the world a better place through design and community service initiatives.

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JJ is a true impact player for Bergmeyer, having elevated our firm almost immediately upon his arrival in just over a year. His impact is seen clearly in Bergmeyer's PR and brand communications both internally and externally. He has a non-stop energy that lifts everyone he works with, showing genuine compassion and thoughtfulness in his approach. JJ's organizational tactics for cross-channel communication planning allow Bergmeyer to approach marketing initiatives more strategically and confidently with results-driven efforts. He effectively immersed himself into every aspect of Bergmeyer's culture and values, joining our EDI committee last year, as well as other task-force groups that further Bergmeyer's success. The phrase "I can't do that" doesn't seem to be in JJ's vocabulary. As an exemplary ambassador for Bergmeyer's brand, his one-of-a-kind persona will ensure continued success for years to come.

In addition to key leadership advancements, Bergmeyer announced Senior Practitioner promotions for team members reaching a level of professional expertise worthy of special recognition. These title changes reflect a professional development level recognized by the firm as consistent and trustworthy design and project leaders.

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An accomplished designer at Bergmeyer, Stephanie’s career spans over 16 years and multiple project types. She is a Boston Architectural College graduate, a licensed architect, and LEED Green Associate. Stephanie is also one of the most collaborative and detail-oriented people that one could have the pleasure of working with. In addition to project design, she heads the Revit Support Team and is an active member of Bergmeyer’s Green Team. She is passionate about using technology within project design and production, and her expert skills with Revit allow her to bring this symbiosis to each of her projects. Stephanie exemplifies the Bergmeyer culture through and through, truly leading by example.

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Angela is a strategic leader and excels at overseeing the big picture, the small details, and everything in between. As an NCIDQ accredited designer and board member for the NEWH The Hospitality Network, she specializes in the restaurant and hospitality markets. Angela brings essential operational knowledge of these industries to each project to better serve her teams and clients alike. Her design expertise in millwork detailing, lighting, and thoughtful space planning and design are harnessed to excite, elevate, and encourage those around her. Angela believes that the exciting nature of restaurants, bars, and hospitality spaces should translate into a fun design process. She wholeheartedly encourages her teammates to approach the creation of new experiences in this way.

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Jenny has been lending her knack for writing and storytelling to her role since day one at Bergmeyer. Her ability to streamline our marketing efforts and amplify our brand story through our channels has been critical in Bergmeyer’s growth and evolution. Jenny’s passion for our people and our purpose fits perfectly with our collaborative process, working with our entire team across every market we service to capture and share Bergmeyer’s work and events through our shared and owned media channels. She confidently leads all social channels, project photography, awards submissions… simply put: if it involves our marketing, Jenny has it on her radar. Her ability to wear so many hats each day is representative of how much value Jenny brings to Bergmeyer, and the heart she puts into each project and person’s story is truly what sets her apart.

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