Join us for the Upcoming Career Paths through PAVE Event in Boston

Help us grow the future of retail at Career Paths through PAVE.

Join us on April 11th for the Career Paths through PAVE event, bringing professionals from the commercial, retail, restaurant, and hospitality industry together with students and educators to create meaningful connections in and around the Boston area.

The event features a panel of industry professionals who will share their unique career pathways while students have the opportunity to explore the many career trajectories available in bringing consumer environments to life– including design, architecture, construction, and real estate development.

Enjoy networking with fellow industry professionals and students who are exploring future internship and career opportunities while supporting PAVE’s student aid fund.

The Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) is an organization that enables young talent to build successful careers in all aspects of the retail industry. Their vision is to cultivate relationships with students and educators through financial assistance, top-industry thinking, inspiration, and mentorship.

Linked In Speakers

Meet the Panelists


  • Catherine Keywan, Interior Designer and Chapter President of Retail Design Institute New England
  • Jeff Ryan, Senior Graphic Designer


  • James Scarpone, Director
  • Delaney Glinner, Assistant Project Manager


  • Karen Urosevich, CDP, LEED AP, Senior Vice President, Studio
  • Carina Donoso, Senior Director of Retail Experience and Incubation

The panel will be moderated by Rachel Zsembery, President of Bergmeyer and Vice President of PAVE Global.

"For 30 years, PAVE has been dedicated to mentoring, connecting, and inspiring students, educators, and industry professionals involved in the creation of commercial environments," said Rachel Zsembery. "This event in Boston is an opportunity for students and industry professionals to network together while supporting PAVE's mission of providing scholarships, educational programming, student mentorship experiences, and need-based student aid to the students who will become the future leaders of our industry."

As a proud sponsor in partnership with the creative teams at Shawmut Design and Construction and WS Development, Bergmeyer looks forward to helping create more opportunities for students to explore the many future opportunities available within our respective industries.

Event Schedule

5:30-6:15pm Career Paths Panel Discussion (Professionals welcome to attend)
Industry Professionals will share their unique career pathways through panel discussion and student Q&A.​

6:15-7:30pm Networking with Professionals
Professionals will meet the industry's next generation and view a highlight reel of recent studio projects, while students explore the many career trajectories available in bringing retail store environments to life.

Hors d'oeuvres and refreshments will be served courtesy of our event sponsors.

Student Showcase

Students: Showcase your work to be featured at the event! Students are encouraged to submit a one-page PowerPoint or InDesign slide (using the template provided below) featuring examples of their portfolio work, which will be featured on digital screens throughout the event for industry professionals in attendance to view.


  • Student attendees must download the sample presentation template provided here: PowerPoint or InDesign.
  • Submissions are due no later than Tuesday, April 4th, 2023
  • One-page slide maximum per student submission
  • How to submit:

-Upload directly to the dedicated event Box here.
-Email your slide directly to Bergmeyer’s team at, with the subject line: “Career Paths Through PAVE – Student Portfolio Slide Submission

For any questions please email:

For more information on sponsorship opportunities and general event information, visit PAVE online. Register for the event at Career Paths through PAVE.


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