Small Seed, Big Impact

Our new Sustainability Manager Michelle Smith highlights four sustainable design elements from recent Bergmeyer projects that have a positive impact on our environment.
    2022 04 22 Earth Day Socials Web Type

    Planting a seed is just the beginning of how you can nurture and care for a plant as it grows. In honor of Earth Month, we have identified four elements of sustainability that might be a small seed but can have a big impact.

    1. Water Use Reduction

    Why should we care?

    • Conserving water not only saves water, but conserved energy since you don't have to heat or pump water that isn't used
    • Conserving water also means that you don't have to use energy to treat fresh water twice -- once to make it potable, and the second time to treat it after use

    How did we do it?

    Boston Dynamics Headquarters and Test Lab Facilities

    • 40% water use reduction
    • 7 water bottle filling stations
    • a reduction of 353,985 gallons consumed annually

    2. Interior Environmental Quality

    Why should we care?

    • Daylight exposure can result in a greater sense of wellbeing and satisfaction
    • Daylight can save electricity when daylight sensors are installed, or lights are turned off
    • Diffused sunlight shows true colors that artificial light distorts
    • Increased levels of daylight increase productivity and sales

    How did we do it?


    • In Georgetown, plywood deck and joists were removed to let light spill in from the 2nd and 3rd floors
    • "Sun tunnels" were added into the dressing rooms
    • Skylights throughout the sales floor in University Village distribute daylight

    3. Energy Use Reduction

    Why should we care?

    • Reduces fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduces climate change
    • Reduces capital and operating costs
    • Encourages innovation

    How did we do it?

    Endicott College

    • Reused the existing basement and foundations
    • Installed a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) System for HVAC efficiency
    • Building envelope designed to exceed the MA Stretch Energy Code by 7%
    • Lighting designed to exceed IECC requirements by 73%

    4. Healthy Materials

    Why should we care?

    • Many building industry materials, chemicals, and elements post dangers to human and ecosystem health
    • Many toxins bio-accumulate and have been shown to cause endocrine disruption
    • Preservatives in building materials can impair learning and waken muscle function

    How did we do it?

    • Emeco’s 111 Navy Chair for employee lounge seating is made of 111 recycled Coca-Cola PET bottles
    • 120 Boston Beer kegs upcycled to create screen dividers for a meeting room
    • Carpet is Mohawks’ Nutopia 2.0 collection: net positive for carbon and water, and is Living Product Challenge Petal Certified, Declare Red List Free and Green Label Plus certified