Are City Dweller’s Five-Year Plans Forever Changed?
Interior Designer Catherine Keywan shares how the Stay At Home directive altered her perspective of home in the city.
The Role of Architects in VR, AR, and Video Games
Architectural Designer Quinn Levine challenges the common misconception that designers have a significant amount of knowledge only applicable to building design and construction as there are clear parallels between real and virtual design processes.
Rachel Zsembery on Shop! Association's next Retail Decoded podcast series, Defining the "Next" Normal: Cosmetics
Bergmeyer's Vice President, Rachel Zsembery, is a panelist on Shop! Association's Retail Decoded podcast series, Defining the "Next" Normal: Episode #6, Cosmetics
Catherine Keywan Selected as one of VMSD's 2020 class of Designer Dozen Winners!
VMSD’s annual Designer Dozen awards recognizes the industry’s rising stars, ages 35 and under, that are shaping the future of retail. 
Bergmeyer’s President, Mike Davis, FAIA, on Interdisciplinary Design Initiatives with the AIA’s Communities by Design Program
Neighborhoods that have been overlooked and underutilized are reimagined with a new purpose for their communities.
Bergmeyer Senior Associate, TJ DiFeo, Named One of NEREJ's 2020 Ones to Watch
The New England Real Estate Journal's 2020 Ones to Watch List
Designing for Gen Z: Understanding What Influences the Future Generation Starts With Learning Who They Are
Senior Interior Designer Krista Easterly explores how we can best design for this up-and-coming generation that is hitting college campuses and the workplace.
5 Designs for the Post-Coronavirus Office That the Most Cash-Strapped Companies Can Adopt
Bergmeyer’s Office Re-entry Plan featured in Business Insider: Using its own office as an inspiration, a Massachusetts-based architecture firm generated renderings to display how companies can quickly and effectively readjust their work space to enforce CDC social distancing guidelines.
Even the Pandemic Can’t Kill the Open-Plan Office
Bergmeyer’s Office Re-entry Plan featured in CityLab: Even before coronavirus, many workers hated the open-plan office. Now that shared work spaces are a public health risk, employers are rethinking office design.
Cubicle Comeback? Pandemic Will Reshape Office Life for Good
Bergmeyer's Office Re-entry Plan featured in The Associated Press: LONDON (AP) — Office jobs are never going to be the same. When workers around the world eventually return to their desks, they’ll find many changes due to the pandemic. For a start, fewer people will go back to their offices as the coronavirus crisis makes working from home more accepted, health concerns linger and companies weigh up rent savings and productivity benefits.
Shop! Retail Decoded Podcast Series
Bergmeyer's Vice President, Rachel Zsembery, Associate Principal, Brian Perlow, and Associate and Design Practice Leader Eric Kuhn are participants in several episodes of the Shop! Retail Decoded podcast series.
Navigating the Workplace in our Post-COVID Reality
We are always open and willing to take on new challenges, and some of the best ideas can come from the unexpected.
Better Food Waste Management Tactics During the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond
Senior Associate Rachel Lanzafame discusses options for improving food waste management, as our team is working together to collectively share business strategies for coping with the COVID-19 crisis, recovering from it, and planning for the future beyond it.
Hannah Friskey Honored with design:retail's 40 Under 40 Award for the Class of 2020!
design:retail's annual 40 Under 40 award recognizes the retail design industry’s top young professionals and up-and-coming future leaders, including retailers, designers, architects, manufacturers, brand managers, entrepreneurs and innovators.