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Christian Davies

Christian Davies
  • Lincoln College of Art & Design
  • Nottingham Trent Polytechnic
Licenses & Registrations
  • FCSD

What is the strangest question you have ever asked or been asked in an interview?

Not a question per se, but the strangest thing I've had happen during an interview was this one time when a candidate I had never met presented one of my finished projects back to me as their own. And, the irony is, they did a better job of telling me about it than I would have.

What is your Kryptonite?

Only bad beer options, or "everything cilantro", or peanuts...or country music. As a joke one time my friend Dan arranged to meet me at the bar in the Jimmy Buffet restaurant on the Las Vegas strip. And then didn't turn up. That was a long night.

What were your first 7 jobs?

1: Grocery Store Shelf Stacker (lasted three weeks).
2: Widget screwer-on person in a Toy Factory (lasted two weeks).
3: Brussel Sprout Picker (lasted one day).
4: Creative Director.
5: Creative Director.
6: Creative Director.
7: Creative Director. I think it's fair to say somewhere around job #3 there was what we might now view as an epiphany.

What's the most rebellious thing you have ever done?

There have been surprisingly few, but getting most of one arm inked at 50 felt pretty rad. Until I didn't do my research and decided to get a full black section on the elbow bone. At which point the owner of the establishment came out from the backroom to ask if I was "alright?" But I think he meant "all right?" as in "in the head". It was ouchy.

Where would you take a month-long road trip?

Somewhere warm, extremely quiet, and where my phone doesn't work. Surrounded by water, mountains and forests, and the people I love.

What advice would you give your fifty-year-old self?

In a couple of years, you should take that job at Bergmeyer.