Mike Davis
Principal, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility

Mike Davis
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Yale University
  • American Institute of Architects
  • Boston Society of Architects
  • NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
  • US Green Building Council
  • Urban Land Institute
Licenses & Registrations
  • AIA Alabama - AL Kentucky - KY ULI, Massachusetts - MA LEED AP Ohio - OH Hawaii - HI Tennessee - TN Kansas - KS Louisiana - LA Nebraska - NE New Jersey - NJ NAIOP - MA, Nevada - NV

What motivated you to become Bergmeyer’s first Director of Corporate Social Responsibility?

I wrote a blog post about that recently. First, there was my “aha” moment while representing the AIA at COP26. I realized that businesses have as great a role to play in battling the climate crisis as governments do. And at about the same time last year, it was becoming clear to me that my role as a “bridge” President between Dave Tubridy and Rachel Zsembery had been fulfilled. It was time for the next generation of leaders at Bergmeyer to step into our executive positions, and I was ready for a new gig. So in true Bergie fashion, I got to write a job description for myself. The position of Director of Corporate Social Responsibility was created.

What do you hope to achieve in this new job, and how’s it going so far?

I’m having a great time! I’ve been engaged in what I call “serial volunteerism” for my entire 35-plus-year career, so it’s immensely gratifying to have the firm invite me to make social responsibility part of our normal business practices. Our new mission statement – “B the Change” – just launched. It lays out what we will be committing our time and resources to: strengthen our communities, support organizations that advance social justice, being part of the fight against the climate crisis, and opening doors to careers in design for more young people. Everything I hoped I could accomplish in my new role is getting done.

Have you really worked at Bergmeyer for your entire career?

Almost. I worked in Boston at Finegold Alexander (they were Anderson Notter Finegold at the time) for a couple of years in between my degrees, then at a firm in New Haven (Herb Newman Associates) while I was in grad school. After grad school, I started at Bergmeyer and have stayed ever since.

Anything you would’ve done differently?

Not much. I’ve had a pretty straight-lined career path. I knew I wanted to be an architect since junior high. Both of my degrees are in Architecture. I admire people who have taken long and winding roads to get to where they are, but I wouldn’t want to trade places with them. I love architecture, and I love Bergmeyer, so I wouldn’t change any of that. OK, I never lived in New York City or learned to speak French or play the piano. But those things could still happen.

Lightning round. Favorite city besides Boston?

Oh, there are so many great cities to love! But if pressed for a choice, I’d have to say New Orleans. Aaron Neville calls it “one of a kind.” I agree.

Favorite season?

Winter. You can’t ski in the Summer.

Salty or sweet?

Salty! I can walk by a box of chocolates no prob, but go weak at the sight of a dish of nuts.

What’s your walk-on song?

Iggy Pop, “Lust for Life.” That drum solo intro is all I need.

Any advice for the fifty-year-old version of yourself?

Stay the course! Despite your youth, you’ve managed to make some very good decisions so far. Don’t blow it now!