B the Change - A Commitment to Giving Forward

A new social responsibility mission statement that reinforces giving forward as a core part of our design collaborative.
2022 Bthe Change Web

At the beginning of 2022, a new role was created at Bergmeyer that would focus on our commitment to serving the greater public good. As the new Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, one of my primary goals was to make this an explicit part of our fundamental business practices. This new initiative began by asking our entire collaborative the following question:

How can Bergmeyer create positive change in our community, our profession, and the world?

Through a series of interactive workshops and discussions that were open to everyone at Bergmeyer, we created a statement that describes our collective commitment to creating positive change in our community, our profession, and the world. We proudly announce the unveiling of “B the Change," our new social responsibility mission statement.

B the Change arose from two understandings that came together in these all-office workshops. First, our collaborative design approach is really about creating deep and meaningful connections between people. Human engagement produces a sense of belonging. It’s at the core of our collaborative design process. And second: When this sense of belonging – this sense of community – is present, the potential exists to improve the quality of people’s lives . . . and to improve the world in which we live.

With this new mission statement, we are making giving forward a core part of our business.