The Bergmeyer Spotlight is an online series of interviews featuring Bergmeyer’s professionals. This month’s spotlight is on John Ho

Time with Bergmeyer: 8 Months

What led you to study architecture?

I went to a technical high school and studied computer aided drafting. This played a major role in my decision to study architecture. I wanted to pursue something that not only fit my skill set, but also challenged me. I am interested in the built environment and how people interact and are affected by architecture.

What is your favorite project that you have worked on at Bergmeyer?

I currently am working on projects for a well-known women’s apparel brand. The work has certainly been challenging and demanding at times. It has given me the opportunity to quickly learn and gain exposure to the inner workings of a major retail client. I enjoy working with my team; we work very well together.

What hobbies are you passionate about?

Golf is a passion of mine. I have been fortunate enough to share this passion through my involvement with the Shrewsbury Special Olympics Golf program. Over the past 10 years, my golf partner Steve and I have built a great relationship. We always have a great time and many laughs. Steve never fails to surprise me every now and then when he makes a 20 foot putt!

What is the most exotic place you have visited?

Visiting Alaska was pretty amazing. My favorite experience on the trip was going on a helicopter ride to a glacier hike. Flying over the vast terrain of Alaska’s wilderness was quite surreal. Combine that with the soundtrack to Lord of the Rings blasting though the headset makes for an epic experience; certainly one that I will forever remember.

What building/interior space has inspired you the most?

The Jewish Museum in Berlin designed by Daniel Libeskind. As you circulate though the museum, you are surrounded by the power of the architecture. The designer’s unique use of space, light, and sound made the architecture the main exhibit.

Published Jun 04, 2015