Be Connected by Bergmeyer: A Best of Guide for At-Home Experiences

Bergmeyer's "Best of" series is back!
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We're back with another edition of Bergmeyer's "Best of" series.

We're excited to share the second volume of Bergmeyer's Best of Boston series, a guide featuring our top recommendations for staying healthy, happy, and sane while at home in the Boston area. Our remote experiences guide has the latest digital and delivered experiences from businesses that need our support now more than ever. Take a look, try things out, share with your friends, and spice up your at-home life while supporting a business in the process. We'll be following this up with a Best of Los Angeles guide, which is coming soon!

Check out the inaugural edition of Bergmeyer's Best of Boston series

We love this city and are always eager to share with others those special places that make Boston Boston. So we’ve compiled a collection of stores, restaurant, distinct local attractions and interesting cultural destinations that we love to experience and enjoy. The guide is easy to use and as handy as your phone. Just click on any highlighted neighborhood or category of attraction, jump to Google maps and you'll be on your way. Explore and download the inaugural edition of the series: Bergmeyer's Best of Boston - Fall 2019

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