Shop! Retail Decoded Podcast Series

Bergmeyer's Vice President, Rachel Zsembery, Associate Principal, Brian Perlow, and Associate and Design Practice Leader Eric Kuhn are participants in several episodes of the Shop! Retail Decoded podcast series.
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The Shop! Retail Decoded podcast series explores the latest trends and industry information with participation from leading retailers and designers.

Bergmeyer's Vice President, Rachel Zsembery, Associate Principal, Brian Perlow, and Associate and Design Practice Leader Eric Kuhn are participants in the episodes of the Shop! Retail Decoded podcast series below. Check out the full list of episodes by visiting: Shop! Retail Decoded

Defining the “Next” Normal – Episode #6: An Introspective Look at the Cosmetics Industry During the Time of COVID-19

As consumers and social and travel plans have gone by the wayside. And work has been mainly online. Beauty brands have had to quickly redirect their efforts to show how their products are still relevant. Now, with the majority of the country, beginning the phases of reopening, there are many issues that are coming into play on how to ensure the health and safety of the customers in-store. The cosmetics industry has always relied on makeup professionals, applying makeup as a way to guide customers through their purchases. This is something that is sure to change for the foreseeable future. Listen as our panelists discuss the changes they have seen and how brands, retailers and their suppliers can adjust to these changes. This episode features Rachel Zsembery.

Defining the “Next” Normal – Episode #2: An introspective look at the grocery industry during the time of COVID-19

Continuing the discussion on what’s happening and what’s next for the retail industry, this episode focuses on defining the next normal within the grocery industry. Groceries have had to adjust very quickly to the current situation while remaining open. In order to ensure that we have everything we need to shelter in place, most retailers have had to temporarily close, allowing for time to think about how they will address the fears of the public once they reopen. Grocery stores, however, have been modifying on the fly, adding six-foot distancing lines and plexiglass shields to make sure that their customers and workers stay safe. Hear what else the panel of experts believes will be in store for the grocery industry. This episode features Eric Kuhn.

Personalization in Retail: Part 1 – Customer Experience

120 years ago, everything was personal & custom crafted. Then, the technology of the day enabled mass manufacturing and standardization. Ironically, the same force that all but eliminated handcraft and uniqueness will enable super-customization. What’s more, a creative class has re-emerged and a wave of co-creation is gaining momentum. In this episode, retail executive Heidi Demers joins the Shop! Retail Roundtable in discussing where this trend will lead us. This episode features Brian Perlow.

Personalization in Retail: Part 2 – Store Design

Without a doubt, effective retail design can have a tangible and far-reaching impact on a business. In this episode of Retail Decoded we ask our experts Jean Paul Morresi creative lead and partner at Watt International Inc. and Heidi DeMers, Corp Manager of Store Design at The Kroger Company on what every retailer should consider when designing a new store or updating their existing retail concepts. This episode features Brian Perlow.

Counter Neuroplasticity with These Retail Strategies

Neuroplasticity is holding many brick & mortar retailers back from truly competing with giants like Amazon. This episode of Retail Decoded explores the future of the in-store experience, including strategies to counter neuroplasticity, which starts with pinpointing your store’s flywheel. Several members of the Shop! Creative Council are joined by Chris Walton, CEO and founder of Red Archer Retail. Chris spoke on this topic at our recent Shop!X event, and now, we’ll explore that perspective further. This episode features Rachel Zsembery.


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