The Future of Food

Exploring New Territories Post-Covid in Restaurant and Food Retail
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In the spirit of exploring this new territory, we are sharing our thoughts, observations and projections on some very relevant movements in the restaurant and food retail category that will have a meaningful and lasting impact.

There is no question the past six months have been transformative to our lives, and we’re not speaking solely of our design industry or the global business sector either. We’re speaking to all of humanity.

At Bergmeyer, we have been supporting our clients through mindful counsel based on what we know to be sound business strategy, an understanding of what we see as people emerge from isolation, and a good dose of instinct with projecting the future. This is all new territory.

One important note: not all change we’re seeing is the manifestation of COVID. With this report, we will look at shifts in services, operations, and overall customer behavior, understanding that many of these shifts had begun well before March. And these are changes that, in our opinion, are for the betterment of restauranteurs within the industry as they look to the future of food.