The Future of Shopping

We have looked to the past and explored the present for an informed perspective on the future of retail.
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This year has challenged nearly all aspects of our daily lives. Jobs, commutes, social interactions; all are radically different from a year ago. Everything, from schooling to travel to stepping out to buy a tube of toothpaste, has been reshaped. The inevitable question we ask is whether this is permanent.

There is no question that there have been monumental changes when it comes to shopping behavior. For example, the massive shift to online shopping and buying (due to stores being closed) is significant and real. But the question is whether it's permanent? Or will we return to pre-COVID behaviors, having the confidence to re-emerge and return to our favorite stores with the same enthusiasm we previously had?

The following information looks to answer that very question. While many assumptions and predictions have been proposed, the future of retail is not entirely clear. But let’s be honest, it has never been. Change is the constant, and this pandemic has thrown yet another curveball at this dynamic industry.

In this trend report, Bergmeyer sets out to provide an informed perspective from those who dictate the industry's future: the consumer.

Download our new Future of Shopping trend report below: 

The Future of Shopping has been featured in the Boston Real Estate Times!

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