The Hybrid Workplace: Planning for the Post Pandemic Office

Return to We from Me: A resource for establishing hybrid remote/in-person work environments that align with businesses and corporate cultures.
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We believe in the value of community and connectedness. As such, we are sharing our own multi-phased office re-entry approach as a reference for businesses incrementally returning towards full occupancy.

Prior to the pandemic, Bergmeyer embraced many flexible work principles that support family and personal needs including offering remote work options, establishing core hours to allow employees flexibility during the workday, and creating a flexible holiday/cultural leave policy.

When we searched for best practice examples for robust post-pandemic hybrid in-person/remote work policies, we found considerable theoretical discussion around the organizational benefits of creating these plans. Looking to turn the theoretical into actionable, we set out to design a plan that would support our company culture, our design approach, our team, and our client’s needs

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We believe deeply in the open exchange of ideas and best practices across communities. As such, we are sharing our Return to Office Plan as a resource for all business who are contemplating what a hybrid remote/in-person work environment means for their business and corporate culture. It is part of our commitment to be supportive within our global community.

How is your business planning its return to the office? We're here to help, say hello!