Wellness has always been an interest for Bergmeyer, both as a firm internally and in the work we do for our clients. Our projects with a national multi-unit residential developer has broadened our idea of wellness in living communities and understanding what people want to experience where they live.

So what does a wellness community look like and what does it offer?

While they take on many different looks and locations, the essentials remain the same; they all have a focus on health, nature, and environmental sustainability.

Fast Company recently published an article regarding “wellness communities” that range from rural communities that intentionally infuse nature into your day-to-day, to urban luxury buildings that offer a range of health and fitness options in their amenity offerings. It’s pretty wild to see that wellness communities are on the rise and are taking on different shapes than from what we are used to seeing.

Here are a few examples of trends that are pushing wellness we’ve seen in our work:

Indoor-outdoor connections

Whether the community is in a year-round warm climate, or has seasons, people want to feel connected to nature. This might mean a fitness studio opens up to a yoga deck, the complex offers enclosed courtyards that act as quiet nature retreats within an urban surrounding, or a bike shop with a garage door which opens up for easy access to nature trails nearby.

Easy access to healthy pursuits

Yoga and spin studios, and juice bars, and organic food are inundating the retail market right now and with the demand for these amenities, consumers want easy access to them also in their living spaces. Many residential communities are now incorporating them into their spaces and engaging tenants by bringing in professional chefs and fitness instructors for classes.

Focus on the community

Properties are trying to help create connections to the local communities in which they are located, understanding this interconnectivity holds value to tenants. Some properties are trying to engage the neighborhood by holding community bike rides that start at the property and loop through adjacent parks. Others express it through artwork - custom murals that integrate local landmarks or creating event spaces that function as art galleries that can feature local artists work.


While these trends are all luxury amenities that not everyone can afford (what... your apartment complex doesn't offer free yoga classes and a juice bar?!), the inherent value of this wellness trend can still be incorporated into your living space.

Published Feb 25, 2018