Retail's New Horizon

How can retail brands seize the moment and reinvent themselves?
2022 CD Retails New Horizon

After kicking off Chain Store Age’s 19th Annual X/SPECS event last year as the keynote speaker with a thought-provoking conversation around the challenges and opportunities facing today’s retailers, Bergmeyer Design Practice Leader Christian Davies gave executives in attendance a lot to ponder after he left the stage.

In response to an abundance of follow-up inquiries for Christian to share more insight into his dynamic keynote at X/SPECS, Bergmeyer partnered with Chain Store Age to release a series of videos with insights on the evolving retail landscape.

In this series, Davies goes deeper into the exploration of how retail brands can seize the moment to reinvent themselves in ways that will truly connect with consumers and position themselves for success moving forward in the ever-changing retail industry.

Introduction to "Retail's New Horizon"

First published on Chain Store Age's Retail’s New Horizon: The Next \Wave here:

Part One - "Retail's New Horizon: BIGGER"

What if there was another way to look at this industry called retail?

Part Two - "Retail's New Horizon: BETTER"

In our second video in the series, Christian shares thoughts on the two headwinds driving our current retail experiences and how they each uniquely make retail better.